[EVENT] [TOKYO] SAKE+Oita Prefecture Special Night

SAKE+”Oita-Prefecture” Special Night
Date: 5/10/2017 (Sat)   Location: Shinjuku Golden-Gai, Tokyo


We have hosted SAKE+Oita Prefecture Special Night at Shinjuku Golden-gai, Tokyo. We carefully selected special Sake and food pairing limited to Oita Prefecture to treat the participants.


Oita Prefecture is famous for seafood, especially mackerel. Sake is originally only made for local customer, so it went so well with local food pairing! Good pairing makes good moment, and also creates deeper conversation to deepen the relationship, which is the most fan part of Sake!


If you are looking for delicious sake and drinking buddy, why don’t you drink with us! Simply send us message via facebook page bellow.


Looking forward to drinking with you all,