[EVENT] [NY] Japan Sake Fest NY “Countdown to 2017”

Japan Sake Fest NY “Countdown to 2017”
Date: 12/31/2016 (Sat)   Location: SAIKAI Dining Bar

Thanks for coming to our Countdown event to 2017 and celebrating the New year’s eve together. We were so happy to be with you and having special Sparkling Sake!

Recently, there are so many kinds of Sparkling Sake in NY, having an own character of taste and aroma. Their quality is becoming greater as same as sparkling wines.

And, we hope you enjoyed our Japanese New Year’s Essence..toshikoshi soba noodle and omikuji!


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We were so happy to see the pictures with your smile, and so many empty bottles of Sparkling Sake. Thank you again, and Happy New Year!!

And… Special Thanks to Mr.Nakahigashi and the Saikai Staff. Saikai is the one of the greatest place to enjoy premium Sake and Food in NY.


[Store Info]

SAIKAI Dining Bar
24 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10011