[SAKE+EVENT] End of Year Party (Bounenkai) at Akakuma (12/17)

We have hosted invited guest only End of Year Party at Akakuma, Azabu-Juuban. To celebrate the end of year, and get ready for next year, Mr. Akaboshi, owner of Akakuma, carefully chose the pairing of SAKE and delicious food.

Akakuma is founded by Mr. Akaboshi and Mr. Kumagai. Mr. Akaboshi had been working as a sake distributer at NY for 18 years to expand sake culture in NY. Mr. Kumagai had been working as a head chef at big company for a long time, and has a various experiences with creative cuisine of Japanese and French.

Akakuma was founded with the intent to bring never-before-seen combinations of food and sake to the Tokyo scene. Served alongside delicious food, even those who thought Japanese sake an unpalatable drink before have been able to see its appeal. Because of their choice of combination, sake and food shows different face of taste and collaborate together to deepen the after taste. It is just amazing.

We are so glad that we could held end of year party at akakuma to celebrate together.

Good sake, Good friend, are the most essential factor to enjoy the SAKE moment together.


[Akakuma Store Info]
3-3-9 Azabu-Jyuban
Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0045

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