[Event] [NY] [VIP] Japan Sake Fest 2016’ @ Manhattan-Brooklyn, NY

Japan Sake Fest. 2016 @ Manhattan-Brooklyn, NY


Oct. 1st is Official Japan Sake Day. We, SAKE+, celebrated such a memorial day with Kampai within 3 different countries.

Here in NY, we collaborated with 4 different restaurants at Manhattan and Brooklyn, to celebrate Japan SAKE Day with so many NY Sake Lovers!

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We were so glad to see so many smiles and laughing with delicious Sake and food pairing. Japan Sake definitely connects the world!! Let’s expand this Sake lovers circle into entire world!!

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We truly appreciate all the kind support and understanding from supporters, restaurants, and participants. Because of your support, we could successfully celebrate this wonderful day together and makes it more meaningful.

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We are looking forward to see you all for next opportunities to “Kampai” together!



“Kampai Sake”

Kikuchi / Miracle Sake Junmai-Ginjo
Kitaya / Junmai
Kitaya / Kansansui Junmai-Daiginjo
Kitaya / Souden Yamahai-Junmai
Kunimare / Ginpu-Junmai
Nihonkai / Kannihonkai Tokubetsu-Junmai
Shirakawago / Sasanigori
Ohtani / Takaisami Tokubetsu-Junma

“Supported Restaurants”

*SAKE Bar SHiGURE (Tribeca)
TEL: (212) 965-0200
277 Church St, New York, NY 10013

**SAIKAI Dining Bar (West Village)
TEL: (646) 838-5599
24 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10011

***GEN (Brooklyn)
TEL: (718) 398-3550
659 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

****Rabbit House (Chinatown/ LowerEastSide)
TEL: (212) 343-4200
76 Forsyth Street, New York, NY 10002