[Event] [Taiwan] [VIP] Japan Sake Fest 2016’ @ 鐵匠, Taiwan

Japan Sake Fest. 2016 @ 鐵匠, Taiwan


Oct. 1st is Official Japan Sake Day. We, SAKE+, celebrated such a memorial day with Kampai within 3 different countries.

At 鐵匠BAL, Taiwan, they held special campaign for a week to celebrate Japan SAKE Day. The participants in Taiwan enjoyed delicious pairing with Tapas food and Japan Sake to explore new possibilities of Japan Sake.

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One of their Taiwanese staff even has Kikizake-shi license to become Japan Sake evangelist to deliver delicious message to entire Taiwan.

If you stop by Taiwan, try their delicious combination, and wonderful atmosphere!



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台灣的tapas bar廣島燒的
鐵板Bal 鐵匠