[Event] [Tokyo] [VIP] Japan Sake Fest. 2016 @ Shinjuku Golden-Gai, JAPAN

Japan Sake Fest. 2016 @ Shinjuku Golden-Gai, JAPAN


Oct. 1st is Official Japan Sake Day. We, SAKE+, celebrated such a memorial day with Kampai within 3 different countries.

At Shinjuku Golden-Gai, Japan, we celebrated the day with 16 Internatinal Sake Lovers, and served special sake & food pairing selected from Shimane Prefecture where Japan Sake originated.


Characteristics of Shimane Sake is very unique. Of course it is good to drink with cold, but it is even better with warm. We prepared warm sake machine for participants to enjoy the taste difference by various temperature.

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Shimane Prefecture is also famous for seafood, such as Kamaboko (boiled fish paste), Clams, and seaweed. We specifically marinated with soy sauce koji to deepen its flavour and deeper match with Sake.

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Sake we consumed this time are listed bellow.
-Gassan TokubetuJunmai (Shimane)
-Nanakanba (Shimane)
-Tamazakura (Shimane)
-JuujiAsahi (Shimane)
-Suzune (Miyagi)
-Dewazakura (Yamagata)

The next Japan Sake Fest. will be held on Halloween, “Trick or Drink”!

If you want to join, stay tuned on our FB page!


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