[Event] [Tokyo] [VIP] Made in USA! American SAKE Night @ Shinjuku Golden Gai

American SAKE Night @ Shinjuku Golden Gai


SAKE+ hosted invited guest only event at Shinjuku Golden Gai. Shinjuku Golden Gai is a small area of Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan, famous for both as an area of architectural interest and for its nightlife. It is composed of a network of six narrow alleys, connected by even narrower passageways which are just about wide enough for a single person to pass through. Over 200 tiny shanty-style bars, clubs and eateries are squeezed into this area.

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This time, we compare three different types of sake.
-Nama brewed in USA
-Nama brewed in Japan
-Sake brewed specifically for USA

Sake we consumed this time are listed bellow.
-Suzune (Miyagi)
-Sequoia Nama (San Francisco)
-Cedar River Nama (Seatle)
-Cowboy Yamahai (Niigata)
-Fisherman Sokujo (Niigata)
-Mukantei GinjoNama (Niigata)
-Gassan TokubetuJunmai (Shimane)

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Participants were surprised by how much difference sake could make, depending on area, brewer, and perception. We could luckily get connected with master sake brewer of Cedar River Brewery, Mr Jeff. We exchanged our questions and feedback especially on Ceder River Nama.


Everyone has different opinions and values, but we all want one thing. “Good Sake, Good Moment.”


We host the event every month. If you are visiting Japan, and interested in Sake, feel free to contact us to join!


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