[EVENT] [NY] Drink with Sake Master Brewer from KoshinoIso @ Shigure, NY

We held special sake night exclusively with KosihnoIso at Sake Bar Shigure, Tribeca, NY, with simple concept, “Drink with Sake Master Brewer.”


Even though the concept was simple, we had so much fun because of perfect combination of deliciousness of Sake itself, personality of sake master brewer, and passion of total 25 sake lovers.

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We had proudly invited Mr. Ishomi, Sake master brewer from Koshinoiso, and had exciting discussion and communication with local sake lovers for future of sake. There were so many new and unexpected idea developed that we can’t wait to try out.


“Sake itself and perfect pairing is of course delicious.”

“Knowing the passion of sake master brewer would make sake even better.”

“Having sake lovers around would create perfect harmony to enjoy sake together.”



Sake Bar Shigure: http://sakebar-shigure.com/
KoshinoIso (越の磯): http://www.j-brewery.com/