[Event] [NY] Delicious collaboration with JAZZ @ ShapeShifter Lab, Brooklyn

[SAKE+Jazz] Delicious collaboration with NY Japanese Women Jazz Composers


One of the best things being in NY is Jazz. And of course, it’s really really good one.

There are a lot of Jazz Tournaments, and recently even started to collaborate with grammy award as well. In such a hard-fought battlefield of Jazz, we believe that the stage NY Japanese Women Jazz Composers (NYJWJC) is trying to express at NY, will definitely become one of the main stream of NY jazz scene, and with brightness of their challenge and fabulous songs, we paired really really good sake.

sake+jazz_vol2_3 sake+jazz_vol2_4 sake+jazz_vol2_5


1) Rainy Blue * Kansansui (寒山水) by Kitaya, Fukuoka

Jazz Composer: Noriko
URL: https://youtu.be/L7nSg9tBGb0

From “Rainy Blue”, we imagined such a romantic moment of drive dating with night-viewing of genuine harbor. “Kansansui” certainly has elegant and well-balanced between bit acidity and Umami, reminds us dandyism of night salon. Acidity and sweetness brew the adult with different life experiences.


2) Kinderspiel * Maboroshi no Taki (幻の瀧) by Mikunibare, Toyama

Jazz Composer: Megu
URL: https://youtu.be/v5kKmMh_boA

From “Kinderspiel”, we felt uplifting and excitement feeling of fun adventure. “Maboroshi no Taki” named from the local legend. When spring comes, snow melt, create river, ane eventually becomes vivid fall. Unexpected adventure and legend are just going alone.


3) JG-Intrapersonal * ShunkaShusetsu (春夏秋雪) by Koshinoiso, Fukui

Jazz Composer: Asuka
URL: https://youtu.be/M7i_nxo241k

From “JG-Intrapersonal”, we rapidly saw several different scenes, such as calmness of time, river, and ocean. “ShunkaShusetsu” named from beautiful four seasons of Japan. Spring, Summer, Fall, then snow at Winter, with such a pitiful sight.


4) Drops into the sky * Sanzen (燦然) by Kikuchishuzo, Okayama

Jazz Composer: Migiwa
URL: https://youtu.be/OIoLQJzHUs8

From “Drops into the sky”, we felt active lady jumping around, with her sincere determination, sensitiveness, and strength. “Sanzen” is consisted of complicatedly balanced Umami, but refreshing aftertaste, reminds us activeness of taste jumping around within our mouth.


sake+jazz_vol2_7 sake+jazz_vol2_8 sake+jazz_vol2_9

Let’s keep exploring new possibilities of Sake pairing!