[Event] [NY] St. Patrick’s Day Hopping!

[SAKE+Event] St. Patrick’s Day Hopping!


Our event’s rule was simple!
Just wear “GREEN” and hopping around for Sake!


The places we visited were…

-WASAN Brooklyn: http://wasan-ny.com/

-Rabbit House: http://www.opentable.com/rabbit-house

-Ramenya: http://www.ramenya.nyc/


@19:00~: WASAN Brooklyn



We started hopping from WASAN Brooklyn which just opened last year.

Our starting sake was Sempuku Jinriki 85 (千福 神力85) from Hiroshima Prefecture. Mr. Toshi, owner of WASAN, made Kanzake (warmed sake) just perfectly. It was still a bit cold in NY, so it was perfect sake to start.



It’s been wonderful two hours at WASAN. It was so hard to leave, but we needed to leave since our theme for tonight was Sake Hopping. Mr. Toshi was so jealous about our sake hopping, that he was dying to join next time.



@21:30~: Rabbit House

After WASAN brooklyn, we moved to Rabbit House, which located near the Manhattan Bridge, Chinatown.

It is well decorated bar and it has a lot of well selected sake, selected by Ms. Yoshiko, owner and chef of Rabbit House. Our second sake for the night was Takaisami Tokubetsu Junmai (鷹勇 特別純米) from Tottori Prefecture.



It had been wonderful hours, but we were hungry. We decided to finish our night with Ramenya, Japanese Ramen store. It is not only well known by good ramen, but becuase of good variety of sake by new yorkers.



@23:00~: Ramenya

Our last sake for the night was Maboroshi no Taki (幻の瀧) from Toyama Prefecture. It was of course perfect pairing with delicious noodle and dumplings, and perfect for closing the night.



Now, we are looking for new member of Sake hopping night!

Our next hopping will be 4/18!


Our next Special Guest is “Mr. Toshi Koizumi”


You can get to know him at our interview article!

If you are interested, please contact us!!