[Event] [NY] Yasai Specialist @ Saikai Dining Bar

【 Meet Yasai (Vegetable) Specialist】


Mr. Atsushi Nakahigashi

-One Rice One Soup Proejct
-Saikai Dining Bar, Chef and Sommelier

1) Data & Place

2/1~2/13 17:30-23:00

@ Saikai Dining Bar

24 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10011


2) Menu

-Tataki Sawara * San-Zen (Tokubetu-Junmai, Omachi)

Seared Spanish macherel sashimi with chunchy daikon

It is the traditional Kyoto style. Seard spanish macherel sashimi served on top of the chuncky daikon which beautifuly decorated, marinated with white soy sauce and citrus. The sweetness of macherel sashimi and Umami of San-Zen are amazingly balanced together.



-Small Bite Pork Katsu * Sakehitosuji (Junmai Ginjyo, Omachi)

Breaded pork tenderloin with Kyoto-Miso sauce

Juicy bite-size pork tenderloin with elegant organic made Kyoto-Miso sauce with a bit of mustard. It is perfect combination with deep acid taste of Sakehitosuji. All the ingredients are imported from Kyoto to express traditional taste of Japan.


-Soba Gaki with Crab-an Sauce * Miracle Sake (Junmai Daiginjyo, Omachi)

Soba cake, king crab, nori and wasabi

Miracle Sake, made of all organic grown Omachi rice, has full of sweetness flavor. It has distinct taste, so it is usually hard to create pairing. However, Mr. Nakahigashi picked Soba-gaki, which is made of Soba cake, king crab, sea-weed and horse radish with dipping with Japanese Dashi, Japanese soup stock made from fish and kelp. The sweetness of miracle sake, soba-gaki, and Japanese dashi are perfectly collaborated and gave flavor each others. It is just amazing choice of pairing.


3) Omachi’s Story

Omachi, Sake-rice from Okayama Prefecture, is distinguished from other sake-rice because of its Umami and balanced body taste. However, Omachi is difficult to grow because it requires very sensitive cares.

Kikuchi Brewery is one of the best brewery who can bring out an ability of Omachi fully since 1878, and they always tries the new possibility of Omachi, such as developing organic grown sake rice, called “Miracle Sake.”

By collaborating with famous farmer, Kikuchi Brewery developed the stronger sand that doesn’t require an agricultural chemical to grow Omachi organically. Its taste is miracle. You can enjoy the harmony of elegant umami of rice and sweet notes of apple, and clean smooth finish taste.


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