[Master] Journey to Mr. Toshi Koizumi



【 Sake Master’s Data 】

-Name: Toshi Koizumi
-Sake History: Since 2000
-Title: Owner of WASAN Restaurant
-Location: Wasan Restaurant

1. What is your “Favorite Words”?


To move forward, Joy of Archievement. These factors are my motivation. Without growth of environment around me, Wasan Restaurant was never be able to opened.


2. What is your History of Sake?

In 2000, when I turned 30, I started to working at Japanese Restaurant, and found sake very interesting. In 2003, just 3 years later, I awarded for third prize at Sake Master Contest.


3. What is your Favorite Pairing with Sake?

“Cheese”, “Kappa Ebisen”

Especially my favorite combination is Nanbu-bijin and Kappa Ebisen. Snack is great way to start learning pairing with Sake.


4. What does “Wasan Restaurant” mean?

Wa=和: Japanese
San=参: Three, Joining

Wasan, Started by 3 Japanese. We all want to deliver true figure of Japanese cuisine.

Wasan also sets three goals, including contribution to society, finance, and health.
-aims to contribute to society by deliverying Japanese Cuisine.
-aims to provide food with fairly reasonable prices.
-aims to provide well-balanced and healthy food to world.


5. Why did you open second store in Brooklyn?

Since Barkley center is near by the restaurant, there are customer from all over the world. We felt it could be even more interesting than Manhattan from now. In matter fact, there are many famous chefs moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn to open new stores. Brooklyn will become famouse town for food for sure.


6. How can we deliver sake to world?

We need more media exposure, and develop human resources.

I think New York is the one of the city where a lot of Sake Funs gathered. However, we shouldn’t focus on the festival like event, such as Joy of Sake, requre fans to pay a lot of money but no message clarify from Sake Brewery. We should to focus more on event which can connect Sake Brewery and fans directly, so message can be much clear.


7. What is your Next Goal?

To open third Wasan Restaurant, and train opening staffs.


8. Please give message to Customer?

Let’s drink more Japanese Sake together. We are in such a diverse city like New York, we could do more to deliver the message of sake to world.


9. Who do you want to ask the same questions?

Mr. Yas at Sushi Seki.
Coming up!