[Brewery] Journey to Kinpo-Shuzo





– Founded: 1771
– Prefecture: Fukushima

– Name of Brewery: Kinpo-Shuzo
– Brand: Sizen-shu, Odayaka, Tamura, Hyakunen-Kijyoshu




Kinpo-Shuzo aims to renovate Japanese farm by specializing in organic foods, such as rice, beans, wheat, and many other vegetables at small town in Fukushima, called Tamura-cho.

Brewery itself was approved by JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standards) certifications for organic agricultural products, and organic agricultural processed foods, which only few sake brewery possess in Japan. The certificate requires high standards of cleanness. All equipments are well-organized and placed efficiently. During our visit, Mr. Yasuhiko Niida (18th President) kindly explained all the function and rule of equipments.

Kinpo-Shuzo also focuses on deliver the message to next generation about the importance  of organic food by holding various events for local children, such as experiencing rice farming event, 100% organic sweet snack day, and so on. All natural and organic foods are difficult to grow, but it is definitely worth for our health.

By 2025, Kinpo-Shuzo aims to expand their organic farms to 60 hr, in order to not only increasing crop yields, but also dealing positively on Biomass power generation by using timber from forest thinning, and Water power generation by using canal.


Kinpo-Shuzo is the one of the most interesting brewery who aims to integrate with nature and local community closely to send healthy organic sake to the world. We can’t take our eyes off from their exciting approach!