[Event] [NY] Delicious Marriage Event of Sake & Pike Conger

【 Delicious Marriage Event of Sake & Pike Conger -Report 】

Back to Edo period, which is more than 400 years ago, it is very hard to export fish in summer time. But, only Pike Conger could survive the heat because of its strong vital. Especially, people in Kyoto enjoy Pike conger as seasonal tradition of summer. Gion-Matsuri, the biggest festival in Kyoto, is also known as Hamo (Pike conger) festival.

We collaborate with Azusa restaurant in NY to revive Edo seasonal tradition into present day by preparing 4 delicious marriages.

1) Parboiled Pike Conger & Kitaya Junmai
(Hamo no Otoshi)

Parboiled Pike Conger is combination of sour taste of plum sauce and umami of pike conger. We picked sake which doesn’t disturb the umami of pike conger.


[Customers’ voice]

-Umami of pike conger and clean Kitaya Junmai’s marriage is just amazing!
-Sour taste of plum sauce is great hint of marriage.

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2) Deep-fried Pike conger & One-Ten Yamahai Junmai

When we deep-fried pike conger, Umami just explode. We picked sake which add sourness to Umami will change the taste into sweetness.


[Customers’ voice]

-If only Yamahai, it’s a little sour. But, when I eat together with deep-fried, it changes to mild sweet taste! It’s just amazing!!
-Yamahai helps expanding the umami of Pike conger.
-Eating together will change the both tastes. It’s first time experience!

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3) Shabu-Shabu of Pike conger & Sanzen Tokubetsu Junmai Omachi

Shabu-Shabu is concentration of Dashi and Umami of Pike conger. Carefully sliced Pike conger has full of umami flavor on every single bites. We picked sake which has strong and bold middle taste to collaborate with such a strong concentration.


[Customers’ voice]

-Perfect combination! Very tasty!
-I’m satisfied with three different umami’s combination.

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4) Sushi of Pike conger & Odayaka Junmai Ginjyo

The combination of Sushi and Sansho, which is Japanese Pepper, is amazing. Sansho helps distinguish the flavor of Pike conger. We picked sake which has mild settled taste. Odayaka, especially, is 100% organic made, such as rice, water, and fertilizer, and it has amazingly soft flavor, which is just perfect for pairing with Sushi.


[Customers’ voice]

-Sansho is perfect match with Sushi of Pike conger.
-Spiciness of Sansho goes well with soft flavor of Odayaka!

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Pike conger has full of vitamins and calcium, and because of that, people like to eat from the ancient time. But for cooking, it requires at least 3-4 years practices to cut 300-400 times per pike conger to remove its bones. We re-realized deeply about the depth of both Wa-shoku and Sake.




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