【 San-Zen Miracle Night 7/16 @ Report 】

We have prepared and offered three different sake tasting set, with size of Glass, Half-Bottle, Bottle. Only for the customer who ordered Miracle Sake, will get short violin presentation played by Mr. Kikuchi To, president of Kikuchi-shuzo.

Why violin, you might ask.

Kikuchi-shuzo has a strong passion to classic music. Sake master of Kikuchi-shuzo played classic music during their sake brewing process, which they believe it changes sake taste tenderly. More interestingly, the president himself form orchestra and hold concert within their warehouse periodically.

Amazingly, all three kinds of sake are rated high equally. Here are some feedback from participants.

1) San-Zen, Tokubetsu-Junmai, Omachi
“Has strong flavor, and sharpness. Very tasty!”
“This sake is very gentle. Dry but remains rice taste. “

2) Miracke Sake, Junmai-Ginjo, Asahi
“Sourness and Umami are well balanced. Delicious!”
“Impact of sweetness is just amazing.”
“I can’t believe this is made of rice. very Sophisticated”

3) Miracle Sake, Junmai-Daiginjo, Omachi
“Sweet note of apple is amazing!”
“I usually prefer dry sake, but this one is different! I love it!”
“Sweetness is not too insistent. it’s very elegant.”

We are very glad and thankful to be part of their delicious discovery.

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