[Event-PR] [NY] Sakagura * Kikuchi-shuzo

【 SanZen Miracle Night 7/16 @ Sakagura NY 】

“Meet Sake-Rice Specialist”
Kikuchi Sake Brewery from 1878

1) Data & Place

7/16 18:00 – 21:00
@ Sakagura Restaurant
211 E 43rd Street Basement Level, NY 10017

2) Menu

Touji, sake masters, from Kikuchi Brewery will be at the event to serve & tell the story of sake.

-San-Zen | Tokubetu-Junmai (Omachi)
-Kiseki no Osake (Miracle Sake) | Junmai Ginjyo (Asahi)
-Kiseki no Osake (Miracle Sake) | Junmai Daiginjyo (Omachi)

3) Story

Omachi, Sake-rice from Okayama Prefecture, is distinguished from other sake-rice because of its Umami and balanced body taste. However, Omachi is difficult to grow because it requires very sensitive cares.

Kikuchi Brewery is one of the best brewery who can bring out an ability of Omachi fully since 1878, and they always tries the new possibility of Omachi, such as developing organic grown sake rice, called “Miracle Sake.”

By collaborating with famous farmer, Kikuchi Brewery developed the stronger sand that doesn’t require an agricultural chemical to grow Omachi organically. Its taste is miracle. You can enjoy the harmony of elegant umami of rice and sweet notes of apple, and clean smooth finish taste.



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