[Master] Journey to Mr. Takahiro Okada

【 Sake Master’s Data 】

-Sake Master: Mr. Takahiro Okada
(Owner, SAKE Sommelier)
-Name of Place: SHiGURE
-Location: 277 Church St, New York, NY 10013

SHiGURE = “Comfortable*Fun Atmosphere”

In the first floor of building in Tribeca, Sake Bar SHiGURE is waiting for Sake Lovers.

Mr. Okada had worked at Decibel, EN Japanese Brasserie, and most recently, Sushi Yasuda. Mr. Okada started SHiGURE on Dec, 2012 to create Comfortable*Fun Atmosphere, the way he believes. There are 40 seats placed comfortably within SHiGURE, with good taste of decoration, such as gentle lighting with red bricks, drawn Japanese Map on the wall, and of course, the great selections of Japanese sake and Sho-chu.

-Not only these item creates SHiGURE’s atmosphere, but visitors of SHiGURE are also interesting.

At 17:00, when Happy Hour starts, all kinds of neighbors, like asian, american, families, start to visit SHiGURE to enjoy the comfortable atmosphere of SHiGURE. When SHiGURE approaches the peak time, Mr. Okada starts to communicate every one of the customers with calm attitude and full of smile, that also helps creating the sense of unity. Mr. Okada says, “This atmosphere is made by our customers spontaneously. Most of our customers are from neighborhood, and all nice. I’m happy that our customers feel relaxing in SHiGURE.”

-What do you proud of SHiGURE?

Intentionally, I limit the selection into Japanese Liquor, such as Sake, Sho-chu, and Whisky. I know the bar should prepare vodka, or tequila, but I want to keep SHiGURE small. I feel this small size of bar can brew interesting place both on place and people. It’s getting interesting everyday and becoming the way I believe in.

-What is your next goal?

I want to challenge not only in U.S., but also worldwide, such as London, Pairs, Dubai, and so on. His spirit of inquiry makes me believe he will accomplish his goal not so long from now for sure.

-To meet Mr. Okada

Visit SHiGURE | http://sakebar-shigure.com/
Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/sakebarshigure

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