[Event] [NY] Sake Tasting Jazz Night

【 Sake Tasting Jazz Night 6/10 @ Report 】

This event reminds us what the most important thing is to enjoy Sake.

“Enjoy the encounter of Jazz & Sake”

It is just about how we enjoy music and sake. It is common in most of the Live music bar or jazz bar. Of course in Japan, we enjoyed with Geisya’s samisen with sake from Edo-period. History of music and sake has developed together as time goes through.

Sake is such a romantic theme of the history.

There are different types of participants at the event.
Someone who care about Sake.
Someone who care about Miles Davis.
Someone who care about pottery.
But, everyone enjoy the moment and discuss about what they care.

“Share the thing you care with someone you love is fascinating. And, if there is sake, it is even better.”

Sake is not just about the kinds of rice, food pairing, or Koubo. We believe “Sake” plus “something we care” did create fabulous moment of the night.



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