[Master] Journey to Ms. Rieko Hayashi

【 Sake Master’s Data 】

-Name of Sake: Hyakujyurou 百十郎
-Sake Master: Ms. Rieko Hayashi (林 里榮子)
-Location: Gifu-Prefecture
-Website: http://www.eiichi.co.jp/en/

Ms. Hayashi’s family has been brewing Sake for 100 years. The successive Sake Masters has same name, called “Ei-ichi (榮一)” , it is also the name of one of their sake. Within her name, we can find the character “榮”, which shows she inherits not only the founder’s will, but also delicious tradition from the past.

-Hyakujurou- is the one of the sake which Ms. Hayashi has created and directed from beginning. She has to visit all over Japan to promote, and through so many try and error, now, -Hyakujurou- has so many varieties in kinds, and because of smooth taste and vivid label design, grab Sake-Lover’s heart and get a following, not only in Japan, but US and UK as well.

Ms. Hayashi told me a lot through her strong passion to future of sake, and the attitude that taking care of the employees all the time. Ms. Hayashi is the one who definitely convince me that bright future of Sake is quite exciting.

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